BOI Bond Trader Challenge

For the past two years our School Bank team have taken parts in the BOI Bond Trader Challenge in Thomond Suite, Thomond Park, Limerick. This year’s event is scheduled for Thursday 15 March 2018.

In 2017/18 we had  six teams of four students participating in the competition.

The morning began with an overview of markets and trading by BOI Head of Pensions & Investments. Students then participated in the Bond Trader Challenge responding to real market scenarios and making decisions on how to manage their own bond portfolio.

One of our teams (Muireann Byrne TY2, Aisling Reidy TY2, Meadbh O’Connor TY2 & Rebecca Connellan TY3)) won the competition. Each student was presented with an iPad mini.

The 2018/19 BOI Bond Trader Challenge is scheduled for Friday 12 April 2019. We will have 7 teams participating.