Coaching, Refereeing & Event Planning

Each year any interested TY student is invited to do this course which is run by the Ladies Gaelic Football Association. This year’s LGFA course took place on Wednesday 24 January 2018.

Upon completion of the LGFA TY/AS Programme students will have:

  • Developed personal skills particularly in the areas of coaching and refereeing of Ladies football.
  • Created links with key partners in the community during the event planning module, therefore preparing them for their role as responsible members of society.

The new LGFA TY/AS programme is reflective of many of the aims of the TY/AS Curriculum and through it the students will gain lifelong skills transferable to many aspects of academic and social situations both inside and outside the school.

LGFA TY/AS Programme Content:

Day 1               Training Day               Full School Day

  • Basics of Coaching
  • Basics of Refereeing
  • Event Management training
  • Event Planning – important the teacher is in attendance at this point

Day 2               Event Day                   (10am -1.00pm- event dependent)

  • The students will utilise their skills developed in Day 1 to host an event in the school for one of the two groups listed below. Working in groups they will organise the event in all areas such as promotion- pre and post event, coaching and refereeing.

Day 2 can be organised in conjunction with the following group:

  • Local Primary Schools in the catchment area (5th/6th Class Girls)
  • 1st year female students in the school and/or surrounding schools