ITLG Young Innovators 2018

ITLG (Irish Technology Leadership Group)Young Innovators 2018, Powered by LIT. This is one of the world’s biggest one-day innovation challenge events and takes place in Shannon Airport on Friday 2nd March 2018.

10 Transition Year students are attending.

The event is designed to help in the development of key skills needed to meet the requirements of a competitive, innovative and entrepreneurial economy – namely ; problem  / opportunity finding & solution development, leadership & communication skills as well as helping to develop an awareness as to the future possibilities of technology, engineering and the sciences.

Innovation is about making history! It’s about changing the playing field forever. It’s about doing something so amazing that no one will ever think about the subject matter the same way ever again. It’s about really thinking outside of the box – making the impossible possible. They are seeking Ireland’s most innovative young minds to take part in this one -day innovation challenge event.