Poetry Project

For 2019/20 we are collaborating with Clare Arts Office in running a poetry project. The poet Stephen Murray has devised and presented a poetry project called New Word Order. The project ‘New Word Order’ will aim to engage young people to explore the power of language and poetry to raise awareness for the issues that concern them and the struggle that young people face today. Whether it is saving the environment, mental health awareness, sexuality, identity or the frustrations of inheriting the catastrophic problems left by the generations before them.

During two workshops, Stephen Murray will work with students to compose a number of new poems. Students will also have two sessions with a performance facilitator, Zara Starr.

It is also envisioned tat the outputs of the students work will be performed and exhibited in the Ennis Book Club Festival, 7th March 2020.

We have 20 students participating in the Poetry Project.

Stephen Murray Workshop: 9th & 18th October, 2019

Zara Starr Workshop: 9th January & 13th February, 2020.