Tyndall Schools Lecture

Each year UL host a Tyndall Schools lecture event in conjunction with the Institute of Physics. 24 TY students have the opportunity to attend this lecture annually.

Tyndall Lecture 2019, entitled ‘The Physics of Waves’ took place in UL on Friday 25 January, 2019.

Ever wondered how Shazam works? Or Autotunes? Or perhaps wondered why we believe the universe started with a Big Bang? Surprisingly the answer to these questions have a common thread – musc.

Music and physics have always been close cousins. From Kepler’s description of the planets using musical harmonies to modern string theory, where all the world is a vibration.

Students was how simple concepts in waves and music help us understand the everyday world around us and also help us peer into the distant corners of the universe.

Along the way there was plenty of interactive demonstrations and audience participation.

The Tyndall lecture was be given by Tom McCormack.  He has a PhD in atomic physics and is a lecturer in physics in UCD whose research interests range from the interaction of lasers with atoms to novel semiconductor light sources to innovation teaching and learning methods.  Tom is highly interested in the promotion  of science and is actively involved in many physics outreach projects at UCD: from transition year events and workshops to school visits. His outreach activities have brought him  as far as the Artic where he spent two weeks on a sailing ship performing a series of experiments to help illuminate his lectures.