15 July 2016|General News

Snippets from the Class of 2016

There is a wonderful community in Coláiste. All of the teachers are so kind and they will help you in any way they can. Enjoy your time in Coláiste because it’ll be over before you know it.

Sarah Linnane (L Cert 2016)

Coláiste  is a place for friendship and comfort. It is a place where everyone feels safe and welcome no matter who they are. Tight knit friendships are born here and they last until the very last day of Leaving Cert. Being a student in Coláiste is like being in a second family.

Danielle O’Sullivan (L Cert 2016)

Coláiste girls are lucky enough to have a second family. I have felt supported by staff and friends throughout my six years and any troubles I have experienced personally have been made a little easier because of this. Such a warm and safe place to be always.

Joyce Neville (L Cert 2016)

My six years have been full of Music, Laughter and Live-long friends.

Eva Meaney

Coláiste is a special and unique place filled with amazing students and teachers.

Shannon Bliss (L Cert 2016)

Coláiste Muire is an extremely special place. It’s different to all other schools. It’s  a community and everyone is a family. I have great memories from here.

Shaunagh Kilker   (L Cert 2016)