Leaving Cert Vocational

LCVP is an enhanced Leaving Certificate

In addition to the core and optional subjects offered as part of the Leaving Certificate, students pursuing the Leaving Certificate Vocational study two link modules.

  • Preparation for the world of work
  • Enterprise Education

There is a strong focus on self-directed learning. Active teaching and learning methodologies are hallmarks of the programme. Typical LCVP activities include: invited visitors, site visits, case studies, team enterprise, work experience, using computers and video interviews. Students develop a range of key transferable skills including team working, critical thinking, flexibility, communication, initiative & enterprise, leadership and the motivation to learn. These skills are equally relevant to young people progressing to further study, working for themselves or going directly into employment.


In previous years, to be eligible for the above programme students had to select specific combinations from our school’s range of optional subjects. Under ‘A Vision for Senior Cycle Reform’ published in April 2022, it was announced that students starting 5th year in 2022 will be able to take the Link Modules without having to meet the subject-specific criteria!

Assessment and Certification of the link modules

The assessment comprises two elements

  1. Written Examination – 40%
  2. Portfolio of Coursework – 60%

Distinction (80% – 100%)

Merit          (65% – 79%)

Pass            (50% – 64% )

University / I.T. points

                       66  (H4)

                       46  (H6/O2)

                       28  (O4)

LCVP students receive the same certification as established Leaving Certificate students. In addition their certificates include an additional statement of the results of the Link Modules.