Access Reports Via VS Ware

Please read fully before trying to access term reports.

Below you will find steps to access your daughters report via VSware with the Username and Password sent to you by text.

It is important to print a copy of the report for your own records as no hard copies are available from the school.

Step 1.

Go to and input Username and Password – See screenshot below

Step 2.
Once logged in Click on ‘Term Reports’ on the left hand side of the page – See screenshot below

Step 3.
Please select the report you are looking for from the dropdown menu – See screenshot below

Step 4.
A list of subjects and results will appear. To print report please click on ‘Actions’ on the right hand side of the page and then click ‘Print’ – See screenshot below

Step 5.
The report will download in Word Format on the bottom of the screen. Please click on the tab and open report as it will contain extra information on your daughter’s progress – See screenshot below

Step 6.
Please save and print report for your own records.

Go to VSWare Login