In Coláiste Muire student well-being is central to our focus. The entire school community work to help the students realize their abilities, take care of their physical and mental well-being, cope with the normal stresses of life and have a sense of purpose and belonging to a wider community. Through the curriculum and extracurricular activities, students are assisted in developing lifelong learning skills in order to be more resilient and independent.

Coláiste Muire Wellbeing Padlet for Students – Click here

Indicators of wellbeing


Am I a confident and skilled participant in physical activity?
How physically active am I?


Do I take action to protect and promote my wellbeing and that of others?
Do I make healthy eating choices?
Do I know where my safety is at risk and do I make right choices?


Do I feel connected to my school, my friends, my community and the wider world?
Do I appreciate that my actions and interactions impact on my own wellbeing and that of others, in local and global contexts?


Do I believe that I have the coping skills to deal with life’s challenges?
Do I know where I can go for help?
Do I believe that with effort I can achieve?


Do I feel that I am listened to and valued?
Do I have positive relationships with my friends, my peers and my teachers?
Do I show care and respect for others?


Am I aware of my thoughts, feelings and behaviours and can I make sense of them?
Am I aware of what my personal values are and do I think through my decisions?
Do I understand what helps me to learn and how I can improve?

Well-being and the Curriculum

In Junior Cycle students in Coláiste Muire have classes in – S.P.H.E. – C.S.P.E. – P.E. – and Well-being
At Senior Cycle well-being is facilitated in the curriculum through – R.S.E. P.E. and Guidance.

Four Aspects of Wellbeing


School mission and ethos
Physical and social environment
Classroom culture
Teaching, learning and assessment


Student/teacher relationships
Peer relationships
Student voice
Partnerships with parents/guardians, community and wider supports


Other subjects and learning experiences
Extra-curricular and co-curricular learning

Policy & Planning

School policies
School self-evalu ation
Subject and whole-school planning
CPD planning