The Guidance Department of Coláiste Muire has one Guidance Counsellor, Ms. Niamh O’ Regan.  Sr. Teresa Browne continues to work in a voluntary capacity as a Counsellor to all of our students three days per week. Both work in collaboration with School Management, SPHE teaching team, subject teachers and Learning Support / Resource Teachers.

The Pastoral Care team in Coláiste Muire consists of the Principal, the Deputy Principal, The Guidance Counsellor, Counsellor and the SEN Co-ordinator.

The involvement of parents and the wider community is recognised as an integral part of the guidance programme and is of enormous benefit to the student.

The Guidance Department recognises the importance of communicating and engaging with all our stakeholders including students, parents and the community -at-large. We aim to keep parents and students informed about the latest initiatives and activities.The Guidance Counsellor attends and contributes to the following meetings each year

Transition Year Parents Meeting (mid Sept)

Leaving Cert Applied Parents Meeting (mid Sept)

Parents Association AGM (early Oct)

Open Night (Nov)

Parents of SEN students Information Meeting (Nov)

Leaving Cert Parents Meeting ( early Jan)

Senior Cycle Information Night (Mar/Apr)

Transition Year Awards Night (May)

In providing Guidance in an all-girls school, our Guidance Plan is committed to identifying current trends and investigating future opportunities. Students are encouraged to look beyond the boundaries of subjects traditionally taken by girls, to be innovative, courageous and adventurous in their choice of subjects at junior and senior cycle. They are made aware of the opportunities available from pursuing STEM subjects and careers. Our uptake of Senior Cycle STEM subjects together with associated 3rd Level courses reflect our success in this area.

As our world becomes more and more connected through technological advances, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that learning another language is beneficial for many reasons. Our new challenge is to convince students and parents of the many benefits of becoming multilingual and perhaps selecting a second modern language as an option in 1st year.

Our Guidance Plan encompasses the interlinked areas of personal and social development, educational and career guidance.

In Coláiste Muire there is a whole school approach to the Education and Welfare of our students. When one considers the three dimensions of Guidance (personal, educational and vocational), all members of the teaching staff are in some way involved in providing guidance. The student is central to all our endeavours.


The Guidance Department aims to

  • Create a welcoming, positive and supportive environment where students are encouraged to reach their full potential.
  • Provide a service that will enable each student to gain maximum benefit from the education system.
  • Offer a range of learning experiences in a developmental sequence to assist students to make effective choices and decisions about their lives.
  • Lay the foundation for lifelong career development including knowledge and competencies regarding self-awareness, the world of work, and making decisions and transitions.

The Guidance Counsellor has an Open Door policy. The Guidance area  is a welcoming environment with an extensive display area. We have a deliberate emphasis on vibrant colour. Apart from career information , there are posters emphasising positive mental health and study skills techniques. Students don’t have to make a formal appointment. Students from all year groups can drop in with a quick query of any nature. This is actively encouraged and reiterated at all Year Group assemblies.

Target Groups

Guidance is available to all students throughout the year. Particular groups are prioritised to benefit from the service at various times of the year.

  •  1st Year – Transition to post-primary
  • Junior Cert – Assistance in making educational choices and transition to senior cycle
  • Leaving Cert – Assistance in making educational and career choices and transitions to further education and the world of work
  • 2nd Year – Emotional Health
  • 4th Year – Transition to Senior Cycle, those pursuing T.Y, L.C.V, L.C.A and other 4th year students as the need arises

Students who are experiencing personal difficulties.

Students at risk of leaving the formal education system.

International students and students transferring from other post-primary schools.

Guidance activities that assist students to make choices.

  • Counsellors are available to meet with individual students to explore personal or behavioural issues or receive educational advice.
  • At the request of the student.
  • When referred by a teacher, management or parent.

The voluntary participation of the student is always respected.

  • Individual appointments are scheduled with all Leaving Cert students to discuss career options and choices. One class period (40 mins) is allocated to each Leaving Cert student in the first term.
  • Individual appointments are scheduled with all Junior Cert students to discuss Senior Cycle options and subject choice. Twenty minutes is allocated to each student in the second term.
  • Individual appointments are scheduled with all 1st year students to familiarise them with the role of the Guidance Counsellor and procedures for accessing help and to provide an opportunity for students to share significant information.
  • The Guidance Counsellor is available to meet with parents / guardians on request.
  • The Guidance Counsellor is available at each parent teacher meeting.

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