Leaving Cert Academic Achievement 2022

151 students completed their Leaving Certificate in 2022. High grades were recorded across twenty  different subjects (Irish, English, Maths, French, German, Geography, History, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Agricultural Science, PE, Accounting, Business, Economics, Home Economics Social & Scientific, Art, Technology,  Music, Japanese.)

Our results are significantly higher than the national averages when compared by points bands.

Points                          Coláiste Muire              Nationally

625                                9           6.0%               1122           1.9%

600 – 624                    13          8.6%                2083         3.6%

500 – 599                    61         40.4%             11,353       19.6%

400 – 499                   41         27.2%             15,367       26.5%

300 – 399                   15        9.9%                13,667       23.5%

200 – 299                     7           4.6%               8466       14.6%

100 – 199                      5          3.3%                4083          7.0%

<100                              0          0.0%               1915            3.3%

Total                         151       100.0%          58,056       100.0%


55% achieved in excess of 500 points  (25.1% nationally)

Naughton Scholarship 2022

Well done to Catherine Gorman who has been awarded a Naughton Scholarship 2022. Catherine is studying Undenominated Engineering in University of Galway.

The Naughton Foundation awards 36 annual scholarships to exceptional students (studying Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths) with at least one scholarship guaranteed per county. €5,000 per annum for duration of undergraduate degree. We wish Catherine continued success with her studies.

Undergraduate Entrance Scholarship Mary Immaculate College 2022

Well done to Elsa Brennan who has been awarded an Undergraduate Entrance Scholarship from Mary I. The scholarship, valued at €2,000 is based on results obtained in the Leaving Cert Exam 2022. Elsa is currently studying Education, Mathematics & Gaeilge (Thurles Campus)

We wish Elsa continued success with her studies!

University of Galway Excellence Scholarships

Well done to Catherine Gorman and Cliona O’Keeffe who have been awarded Excellence Scholarships. Catherine is studying Undenominated Engineering, while Cliona is studying Biomedical Engineering.

We wish Catherine & Cliona continued success with their studies in Engineering

Leaving Cert Applied Annual Fergal Quinn Awards 2022.

Well done to Áine Reddan and Shannon Healy on attaining the highest credits in our region in LCA exam 2022.

LCANA (Leaving Cert Applied National Association) will make a presentation of ‘The Fergal Quinn Award’ to each student at a ceremony in Athlone on 21st January 2023.

UCC Entrance Scholarships 2022/23.

Well done to Grace Ludden, Emma Stanley and Jane Ghilardi who have each been awarded a Quercus Entrance Scholarship 2022/23.

Grace is studying Biological & Chemical Sciences. Emma is studying Midwifery and Jane is studying Finance.

The awards ceremony takes place in UCC on 19 January 2023.

Entrance Exhibition Scholarship  Trinity College Dublin 2022/23.

Well done to Shona Meagher, Grace Tiernan and Saoirse Cahill who were each awarded an Entrance Exhibition Scholarship at an awards ceremony in Trinity College College on 2nd March 2023.

Shona is studying Human Health & Disease, Grace is studying English while Saoirse is studying Medicine. We wish all three continued success with their studies.

Entrance Scholarship – University College Dublin 2022

Well done to Emily Costello who was awarded a UCD Entrance Scholarship at an awards ceremony on 30 March 2023. UCD Entrance Scholars are first-year students recognised for their academic achievement who have achieved 560 points or more in their Leaving Certificate.

Emily is studying Agricultural Science. We wish her continued success with her studies.