Leaving Cert Academic Achievement 2020

146 students were awarded calculated grades in Leaving Certificate in 2020. High grades were recorded across twenty one different subjects (Irish, English, Maths, French, German, Geography, History, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Agricultural Science, Applied Maths, Accounting, Business, Economics, Home Economics Social & Scientific, Art, Technology, Construction Studies, Music, Japanese.)

Our results are significantly higher than the national averages when compared by points bands.

  • 7.5% achieved in excess of 600 points compared with 3.1% nationally
  • 9.6% achieved in excess of 550 points compared with 6.5% nationally
  • 15.8% achieved in excess of 500 points compared with 10.0% nationally
  • 20.5% achieved in excess of 450 points compared with 14.6% nationally

Cumulatively, the comparisons are equally impressive with 32.9% of Coláiste Muire students achieving in excess of 500 points compared to 19.6% nationally. 53.4% of our students achieved in
excess of 450 points (equivalent to H2, 2xH2 & 3xH4) compared to 34.2% nationally.


Excellence Scholarship NUIG:

Nadia Buczek, Science

TCD Entrance Exhibition Award

Áobh Keating, Biological & Chemical Sciences

UL 40 Scholarship

Amy Browne, Physiotherapy

Finia O’Brien, PE (& Irish) with Concurrent Teacher Ed