Leaving Cert Academic Achievement 2021

138 students completed their Leaving Certificate in 2021. High grades were recorded across twenty  different subjects (Irish, English, Maths, French, German, Geography, History, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Agricultural Science, Applied Maths, Accounting, Business, Economics, Home Economics Social & Scientific, Art, Technology,  Music, Japanese.)

Our results are significantly higher than the national averages when compared by points bands.

Points                          Coláiste Muire              Nationally

625                                8           5.8%               1,342          2.3%

600 – 624                    11          8.0%                1,988          3.4%

500 – 599                    52         37.7%             12,133        20.9%

400 – 499                   40         29.0%             16,189        27.9%

300 – 399                   24        17.4%              12,865        22.2%

200 – 299                     2           1.4%               7,544        13.0%

100 – 199                     1          0.7%                3,623          6.3%

<100                              0          0.0%               2,268           3.9%

Total                         138        100.0%          57,952        100.0%

Well done to our UCC Entrance Scholars!

Ruth Gleeson, Dentistry (Quercus Entrance Scholarship)

Jamila Liani, Biological & Chemical Sciences (Quercus Entrance Scholarship)

Eimear O’Loughlin, Finance (Quercus Entrance Scholarship)

Ciara Lynch (BEd Gaeilge Scholarship)

Well done to Jane Tuohy!

Jane was recently awarded an Undergraduate Entrance Scholarship to the BA in Liberal Arts programme at MIC. The scholarship, valued at €2,000, was awarded on the basis of high-level CAO points obtained in the Leaving Certificate Examination 2020/21

UL40 Scholarship 2021

Well done to Ciara O’Brien and Mia Bannon who have been awarded a UL40 Scholarship 2021

This scholarship is based on their performance in the Leaving Certificate and determined by their CAO points.  The scholarships are valued at €2,000 each and they are funded by the University of Limerick, in recognition of its 40 years in existence as an educational institution.

Ciara is currently studying Business Studies while Mia is studying Physiotherapy. We wish both students continued success with their future studies!

UCD Entrance Scholar Award 2021

Well done to Aoife Buckley who has been awarded a UCD Entrance Scholar Award!

UCD recognises the calibre of its incoming high-achieving students with the award of UCD Entrance Scholar. Entrance Scholar awards are presented to first year students who achieve 560 points or more in their Leaving Certificate in recognition of their academic accomplishment to date.

Aoife is currently studying Mathematical, Physical & Geological Sciences.