20 November 2019|General News

Áine Dempsey (L Cert) pictured above while speaking in  Leinster House last Friday.  The RTÉ Youth Assembly on Climate, comprising 157 young people, between 10 and 17 years, from all over Ireland gathered in the Dáil to discuss the climate crisis and look at solutions.The delegates included Coláiste students Áine Dempsey, Kate Harty and Rose Guy who represented Clare in the Dáil. Áine later appeared on the Late Late show as one of her recommendations was adopted by the assembly.
The following statement was issued by the delegates
“We, the youth of Ireland, call on our elected representatives and on adults to listen. We put forward our recommendations for action to stop climate breakdown. We are NOT experts. In our recommendations we offer ideas but we do NOT have answers. It is a starting point for adults and particularly for those elected to protect and progress our society. We call on you to listen to the science, to take on board our Recommendations and to work on our behalf to ensure that we – and you – have a future.”
The 157 delegates of the RTÉ Youth Assembly issued these 10 recommendations:
1.From your corner store to your supermarket, we call on the house to incentivise and obligate the installation of glass doors on open refrigerators.
2.For Ireland to ban the importation of fracked gas and invest solely in renewables.
3. Implementing measures that will allow that Irish goods be both eco-sustainable and affordable in todays’ Irish Market.
4. Implement a tiered tax on emissions from large companies including those under capital Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS). This tax must be increased every year while threshold decreases, shifting the burden from individuals to corporations.