30 November 2021|concern debates

Congratulations to the two Coláiste Muire teams who took part in Concern debates recently. The first debate of the season against St Brendan’s of Birr took place over zoom on November 10 with Colaiste Muire proposing the motion: “Schools strikes are an effective way of getting governments to act on climate change”. Congratulations to the team Aoibhinn O’Sullivan, Aisling Conway and Riona Hely and thanks to Chairperson and timekeeper Aoibhinn Cullen.

The second Concern debate was held in the Prayer Room on Friday November 26 with Sophie Rynne, Lucy O’Connor, Sara Liani and Jessica Brophie proposing the motion: “The challenges to ending World Hunger are insurmountable”, in a lively debate against opposition St Mogues College Co. Cavan. Riona Hely was chairperson and timekeeper for this debate. The Coláiste team won the day with well aimed rebuttal winning them a place in the Final.

Thanks to Ms Nicola Meere for her work with the students.