Createschool (Songschool)

A Songschool workshop offers a first hand insight into life as a professional songwriter / musician and an overview of song writing and the music business.

Students write, perform and/or record their own songs during the workshop.

Each student receives a CD of their song (s), along with a Songschool /IMRO certificate of participation.

The Songschool workshops are non-exclusive. There is a strong emphasis on encouraging collaboration and the participation of all students. An ability to sing or play an instrument is not a pre-requisite.

Each year we find that Songschool gives students a chance to explore hidden talents and to express themselves. It builds confidence and self awareness. Through working with a tutor in small groups students develop interpersonal skills. They learn to express themselves through words and music.

Since the onset of Covid, Songschool workshops have been replaced by Music Production workshops with Createschool!

This year’s work shops  took place for each of our 5 TY classes on 5,6,7,11 & 14 October 2021.

A professional tutor guided students through some fundamentals in Music Production as follows:

  • How to make music using digital mobile technology

  • Basic audio editing and post-production skills

  • How to utilise beats and loops effectively

  • How to create suitable music for other media such as podcasts or movies